Week 1 Update 2


Electric car week one update 2 – had the range meter on the dash down to 9 miles remaining but this isn’t really that worrying when you know you have only 4 miles to go. Traffic is not a problem when stopped you are using no power. Rudely cut in front of at a set of lights, by a black mercedes c220 diesel, who presumed I was a slow-electric-thing only to click it into D-mode (not eco) and shoot past him after the junction, much to his surprise and chagrin. Definitely one of the best features of an EV is that you can feed as little power into the motor or as much as you want. So you can be both economical and fast when required, very few fossil fuel engines manage that degree of versatility. Used a rapid (30mins) charger at Ikea Bristol – no problem – had a chat to another Leaf driver who turned up in a 2014 car – who said she gets no more range out of hers than I do from my 2011. But the charger at Cribbs Causeway wouldn’t work at all. There is also the issue that not all chargers and EV’s have the same plugs and leads. More on this later as I have got a few ideas how to solve this problem.


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