My view of my other car….


Okay so just before I bought the leaf we decided to buy a big capable car we could use as a family car for transporting the three of us and all the baby clobber. A car we could get a decent amount of shopping into, and a car we could take on long journeys or use as a camper van. We settled on a second hand Mitsubishi Delica. I’ve always liked the look of them and the idea of a people mover/4×4 appealed to me.

However my attitude to this car is already changing since I bought the Leaf one week ago and here’s why. I decided this morning to take the Delica to work as I don’t want it to get seized up through lack of use. It was only half way to work that I realised that it was going to cost me £9.72 today to put diesel in the Delica for the 40 mile round trip to work and back (well it was just now actually as I can’t do that sort of maths in my head). It was also going to produce 16kg of CO2. The leaf has so far cost me  £3.60 this week and I have driven around 280 miles. I have produced at the exhaust (no exhaust in reality) zero CO2. (Though I accept that working out the actual CO2 per mile of an EV is difficult since the power grid is made up of all the generating methods, some high CO2 some low/nil CO2.)

And I think this is what EV’s in their current guise are really all about – changing the way to we think about cars. I am no Clarkson in that it’s not all about power and spinning wheels, but I’m also not in Greenpeace and for me it’s not all about hugging trees and saving the planet. I did not buy an EV to save the planet, I bought one because I wanted to try the cool new thing, and love technology one thing this car really is alive with (unlike that ridiculous Citroen C4). However it seems I might end up being a lot greener as a result of having one than I was intending to be.

I have started a poll on Leaf Talk forums asking how many people with an EV use another vehicle you can see that here 


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