Broken spoilers, batteries and Leafspy!


Okay this week has been pretty mundane but there are a few things going on.

The saga of the spoiler:

So a quick recap, I had the car 3 days and the carwash at Esso Midsomer NortoIMG_20141030_182922n, the town in which I work, hit the rear tailgate lip spoiler and snapped the clips holding it on. Gutted, does not cover it. The garage gave me the details for their insurers but after going to get two quotes from bodyshops (£700-£850 IMG_20141030_182914was the price for a new spoiler painted and fitted), they have basically sent me a letter saying they will not compensate me as they do not feel they have done anything wrong! Apart from break my car!

So I have written a substanIMG_20141030_182906tial letter with photos to the Managing Director Exxonmobil Fuels UK. This might seem like a long shot but I have form for this approach working. Watch this space.

In the meantime I have stuck the broken spoiler clips back down with epoxy resin, not ideal but holding for now.

The lithium replacement battery for the lead acid unit:

This has been performing extremely well, hasn’t missed a beat. I took the battery off and put it on my lithium battery charger which showed it holding at 13.7v so the leaf is not overcharging it (which would be 14.6v for a 4 cell LiFePO4 battery), but seems to be maintaining it at a sensible voltage. I topped it up to 14.4v and reinstalled it. So far so good. Also sorted out the positive terminal which was a bit loose.

New gadget Leafspy Pro:

Okay so you might have seen these gadgets m0MTK453SUgPvtXUKDIg5Ww mRxtGN-V6X9LwtW_VA4b3Iw

Basically these are diagnostic code readers, just as a workshop would use to check your car if it had a fault, the garage would be using a version worth several thousand pounds. These transmit diagnostic info to your phone via bluetooth and are available on ebay for £10!

Coupled with one of these is the app Leafspy Pro, which I am running on Android.screenshot

This gives you a huge range of information including the actual battery percentage charged, which is not usually available on the dash, Nissan preferring to give the driver the GOM or Guess-O-Meter which tells you how far the car thinks you can drive given the current energy consumption and battery charge level. Apparently you can also get fault codes if you have a problem and program door locks etc… I haven’t tried any of this yet.

In any case it works really well I will see what useful information I can get from it.

Coming soon (excited?):

  • Lightweight wheels and tyres
  • New garage door (not strictly EV related but it will make the EV driver’s life easier not having to open/close the garage twice per day and scrape the car on the too-narrow door frame.
  • Home charger to be installed in two weeks by Chargemaster under government OLEV grant.





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